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Ramadan: Month of Mercy

Illuminate lives with your compassion

Manifest compassion with CAP Foundation this Ramadan. We commit to delivering essential support to those in need, such as providing wholesome iftar meals, ensuring secure shelter, offering access to clean water, maintaining critical healthcare facilities, and nurturing orphans. In this holy month, let no soul feel deserted or alone. Your kindness towards the less fortunate will magnify the blessings of Ramadan.

A call to action

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), an exemplar of mercy, said: “He who does not show mercy to others will not be shown mercy.”

1000s Affected

Thousands in Gaza rely on humanitarian aid for survival, especially during conflicts.

Support our Iftar food pack initiative


Cooked Iftar Meal for one family


One family’s Iftar Meals for half the month


One family’s Iftar Meals for the whole month
Demonstrate your compassion

Those who show mercy receive Allah’s mercy.

In today's complex world, emulating the Prophet's mercy is increasingly vital. As Ramadan begins, our global community faces escalating conflicts, environmental crises, catastrophic events, health challenges, and economic struggles. 

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  • £25
  • £50
  • £100
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Could provide an emergency supply of food to a family

Help us with our other projects this Ramadan

The Guardians Orphan Village

In Bangladesh, where 64 million children live, half are in poverty, and 4.8 million are orphans; the need is profound. CAP Foundation has established The Guardians, a state-of-the-art orphan village complex, to combat this. It includes a school, masjid, sports centre, and youth club, offering apprenticeships and mental health support, with security ensured through surveillance and staff training.

Palestine Emergency Appeal

The people of Gaza are enduring the devastating impacts of prolonged sieges and recurrent wars. Recent escalations have intensified their struggles, creating a critical need for humanitarian aid. In partnership with the Global Rahmah Foundation, CAP Foundation is on the ground and committed to delivering essential support to those affected.

Wells of Hope

Our Community Fresh Water Appeal provides clean, accessible water and transforms lives in developing countries. By building wells, we're offering a sustainable drinking, hygiene, and agriculture solution, significantly improving health and reducing poverty.

Our SME Street Business Start-Ups

Bangladesh's challenges are immense, with a 24.3% poverty rate and 12.9% experiencing extreme poverty. Our SME Street Business Start-Ups program aims to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit, offering mobile carts for various ventures. This initiative empowers individuals, addressing poverty, hunger, and disease, supporting orphans, the elderly, people with disabilities, and widows.

Join us in this urgent mission this Winter