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Wells of Hope: Community Fresh Water

Wells of Hope

Quenching Thirst, Nourishing Lives with Clean Water

Our Community Fresh Water Appeal provides clean, accessible water and transforms lives in developing countries. By building wells, we're offering a sustainable drinking, hygiene, and agriculture solution, significantly improving health and reducing poverty.

Wells of Hope:  Community Fresh Water

Every 20 Seconds

A child dies from drinking dirty water – a preventable tragedy.

Painful Hours

Our wells save precious time and improve health.


Life-Giving Water Pump

Fund a water pump, providing a vital source of clean water for daily needs.


Small Community Well

Support the construction of a small well up to 450 ft, serving a community's primary water needs and supporting up to 5 Families.


Medium-Scale Water Well

Contribute to a medium-sized well up to 700 ft, significantly enhancing water access for larger communities. Supports up to 10 families.


Large Motorized Water Well

Fund a considerable, motor-installed well depth of up to 1000 ft, drastically changing the lives of an entre village with a reliable water supply. Support a community as a whole.

  • £10
  • £25
  • £50
  • £100
  • Custom

Could provide an emergency supply of food to a family

Access to clean water is a fundamental human right, yet millions lack this necessity. Our Community Fresh Water Appeal provides clean water, hope, and a path to a healthier, more prosperous future. Each well we build is a step towards ending the cycle of poverty and disease caused by contaminated water. Your donations make a tangible difference, bringing clean water and new possibilities to needy communities.

Join us in this urgent mission this Winter