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Zakat Policy


CAP Foundation is dedicated to upholding the principles of Islamic law and the guidelines of the UK Charity Commission in our Zakat policy. This document outlines our commitment to the responsible collection and distribution of Zakat funds.

Zakat Collection and Distribution

As a charity, we ensure that all Zakat funds are collected and distributed by Islamic principles, ensuring that they reach those most in need and eligible for Zakat.

Acceptance of Zakat

  • We accept Zakat from both UK-based and international donors.
  • Zakat funds are kept separate from other donations to ensure they are used strictly for Zakat-eligible causes.

Zakat Donation Procedures

  • For Zakat Donations:
    • Cash Donations:
      • Donors must specify that the donation is Zakat.
      • Completion of the CAP Foundation Zakat Donation Form is required.
    • Electronic Credit:
      • Donors should specify Zakat donation and complete the Zakat Donation Form on our website at [www.capfoundation.com].

Eligibility for Zakat Recipients

Zakat funds will be distributed to individuals and communities who are eligible under Islamic law, including people experiencing poverty, people in need, and those in debt.

Refusal of Zakat

Zakat will not be accepted if there is credible evidence that the funds are sourced from activities contrary to Islamic principles or UK law.

Compliance and Transparency

  • CAP Foundation is committed to full compliance with the UK Charity Commission's regulations and Islamic law regarding Zakat.
  • Regular audits and reports will be conducted to ensure transparency and proper use of Zakat funds.

Review and Authorization

  • This policy is reviewed annually to ensure continued compliance with Islamic law and UK Charity Commission guidelines.
  • The policy is authorised by CAP Foundation’s Islamic Scholar and legal advisor.

Your Zakat Matters

Your Zakat is a vital part of our mission to help those in need. We are committed to ensuring that your contribution is used effectively and responsibly.

For more information on our Zakat policy or to make a Zakat donation, please visit our website or contact us directly. We are here to assist you in fulfilling this vital pillar of Islam.

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