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SME Street Business Start-Ups

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The SME Street Business Start-Ups program is geared towards propelling the entrepreneurial spirit in Bangladesh. CAP offers an assortment of two-wheeler and three-wheeler vehicles, including carts for various businesses such as delivery services, food trucks, and fruit and vegetable selling. This initiative aims to ignite small-scale entrepreneurial ventures, assisting impoverished individuals to establish and thrive in their businesses. 

SME Street Business Start-Ups


Street Food Mobile Cart

Support a local entrepreneur in starting a mobile food business, serving delicious street food.


Seasonal Fruit Cart

Help an individual launch a fruit cart, providing fresh, seasonal produce to their community.


Savoury Street Food Cart

Fund a cart specialising in savoury street foods, a staple in local food culture.


Vegetable Mobile Cart

Contribute to a vegetable mobile cart, essential for offering fresh vegetables to local consumers.


Mobile Spice Store

Support establishing a mobile spice store, a cornerstone in Bangladeshi cuisine.


Scrap Metal/Recycling Cart

Fund a cart focused on recycling and promoting environmental sustainability.


Home Essentials Store

Help start a mobile store offering crucial household essentials to local communities.


Street Food Chotpoti Store

Enable an entrepreneur to start a mobile hotpot store, a popular local delicacy.


Mobile Chai Stand

Support the launch of a mobile chai stand, a beloved aspect of local culture.

  • £10
  • £25
  • £50
  • £100
  • Custom

Could provide an emergency supply of food to a family

Our SME Street Business Start-Ups program is more than an initiative; it's a catalyst for change. By enabling individuals to start their mobile businesses, we offer a sustainable path out of poverty, fostering independence and economic growth. These portable carts are not just businesses; they are beacons of hope in their communities, offering services and sustenance and a symbol of what can be achieved with support and determination. This project addresses critical community issues like poverty, hunger, and disease, extending its support to a diverse group, including orphans, infants, the elderly, disabled individuals, and widows. CAP is creating businesses and fostering communities of hope and resilience through these efforts.Your donations are investments in people, dreams, and the future of Bangladesh. Join us in this transformative journey to empower entrepreneurs and revitalise communities.

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