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Palestine Emergency Appeal: Critical Support for Gaza

Palestine Emergency Appeal

Urgent Relief Needed:  Gaza Emergency Appeal

Gaza faces a dire humanitarian crisis amidst ongoing conflict. Your support can provide essential medical aid, food, water, and emergency assistance to save lives and alleviate suffering.


CAP has teamed up with Global Rahmah Foundation to deliver this vital aid.



Palestine Emergency Appeal: Critical Support for Gaza

Over a Decade

Global Rahmah Foundation has worked inside Palestine for over a decade, offering a lifelineto those in need.

1000s Affected

Each year, thousands in Gaza rely on humanitarian aid for survival, especially duringconflicts.                         

Gaza's Urgent Humanitarian Crisis

The people of Gaza are enduring the devastating impacts of prolonged sieges and recurrent wars. Recent escalations have intensified their struggles, creating a critical need for humanitarian aid. In partnership with the Global Rahmah Foundation, CAP Foundation is on the ground and committed to delivering essential support to those affected.

Palestine Emergency Appeal

Our efforts focus

on providing:

  • Medical Aid

    Refuelling hospitals to ensure they remain operational during power outages.

  • Nutritional Support

    Offering cooked meals and food packs to families who have lost their homes or cannot cook.

  • Clean Water

    Ensuring access to safe drinking water is a basic yet vital need in conflict zones.

  • Cash Assistance

    Providing financial aid to families to purchase essential items and cope with the crisis.


A cooked meal for a family

Providing a warm, nourishing meal for families in need, spreading hope and comfort through compassionate generosity.


Food pack for a family

Essentials for a family, sustaining nourishment, and offering support during challenging times.


Provide clean water

Offering clean water: a basic necessity for health, hygiene, and thriving communities.


Cash aid for a family

A lifeline for families, enabling access to essentials and fostering resilience during times of need.


Partial hospital refuelling

Replenishing fuel reserves ensures patient care and medical procedures are allowed to continue seamlessly.


Hospital Refuel: Full day

Fund an entire day of hospital process and procedure.

  • £10
  • £25
  • £50
  • £100
  • Custom

Could provide an emergency supply of food to a family


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Join us in this urgent mission this Winter