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Foundations of Faith: Community Mosque Project

Foundations of Faith

Constructing Mosques: Nurturing Faith and Community

Our mosque-building project creates more than places of worship; they're community cornerstones offering education and essential services. Each mosque is a sanctuary for prayer, learning, and communal support, reflecting our commitment to fostering spiritual and collective growth.

Foundations of Faith: Community Mosque Project

150 Capacity

Prayer and community activities for up to 150 in each Mosque.

Sadaqa Jariyah

Your donation becomes a continuous charity for generations.


Basic Mosque (Iron Roof)

Fund a mosque with a corrugated iron roof, providing a sacred space for worship without an imam quarter.


Complete Mosque (Iron Roof)

Contribute to a mosque with a corrugated iron roof and imam quarter, enriching community religious guidance.


Foundation & Concrete Mosque

Support the construction of a robust mosque with a complete foundation and a concrete roof, ensuring longevity and stability.


Full Feature Concrete Mosque

Donate towards a fully featured mosque with a concrete roof and imam quarter, a cornerstone for community and faith.

  • £10
  • £25
  • £50
  • £100
  • Custom

Could provide an emergency supply of food to a family

Building a mosque is a profound act of faith and a lasting contribution to communities. Each mosque we construct is not just a place for prayer; it's a hub for education, community services, and spiritual growth. Your donations lay the foundations for these sacred spaces, creating a legacy of faith and community support that will endure for generations. Join us in this noble endeavour to strengthen communities through faith.

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