Village Corner Store | Self Sustainability

“We used to eat only once a day. Now we can eat three times a day, and I can afford to educate my daughter. ”

Beneficent – Halima Begum, Moulvibazar, Khalenga


Why is the project necessary? 

Poverty continues to be a substantial and stubborn problem in Bangladesh, where about 47 million people still live in poverty and 26 million people in extreme poverty. Floods and cyclones frequently cause severe damage to lives and livelihoods, especially to the poor women who remain particularly vulnerable.

The Empowerment and Livelihood Improvement Project, known as Village corner store which aims to improve the livelihoods and quality of life of the rural poor, especially the poorest and most vulnerable households.


Rural poverty continues to be significantly higher and more extreme than urban. While the decline of extreme poverty in rural areas has been impressive – from 37.9 percent in 2000 to 21.1 percent in 2010 – the poverty level remains almost three times than that of urban areas. Extreme poverty continues to be a rural phenomenon and the poorest in the poorest regions are also less able to cope with shocks such as natural disasters.

Our Approach

Cap Village Corner Store supports poor and ultra-poor of the poorest Sub-districts in greater Sylhet Division in Bangladesh. The Project aims at the community financing for livelihood support and focuses on empowering the poor and strengthening belief on self-sustainability. Eighty percent of the project beneficiaries are women. The project focuses on reducing the vulnerability of the poor to risks by enhancing skills to increase employment opportunities as well as supporting small-scale, demand-driven community investment managed directly by the rural poor.

Our Objectives

Supporting people to move out of extreme poverty long-term, rather than just providing food, medicine or cash as temporary relief, is a notoriously stubborn challenge.

The self-sufficient model has been analysed extensively by academics from the London School of Economics, Yale and other leading universities. They have confirmed that a one-off intervention can permanently end the most crippling destitution, with benefits that multiply to delivery 250 Village Corner Shop to the most destitute families who are struggling to survive financially to manage their livelihood and sustain a family income.


Bangladesh | Norshingdi District | Sunamgonj District & Sylhet District

Phases of work

10 Village Corner Shop have been delivered successfully in Moulvibazar District – Komolgonj

  •  The location was identified by Cap Foundation field team in Bangladesh and was informed to the UK team to focus on this project
  •  Research completed by field feam
  •  10 Village Corner Store delivered as a pilot project to each of those families to earn a living.
  •  250 families identified throughout all three districts who are at most risk with no resource of income to live by.

Monitoring and Evaluation 

We have devised a report writing tool for the field officer’s to monitor the progression of their livelihood and measure success rate by focusing on the following areas:

  •  Improvement Living condition of the poverty-stricken
  •  Progress children’s education
  •  Future savings and investments
  •  Transformation of lifestyle and impact made
  •  Creating case studies that demonstrate success of this project

The above method is used to evaluate project outcome and success.

You Can Contribute To:

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  • Donate towards research and reporting




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